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About the Enneagram

The Enneagram (nine points) is a circumplex model of personality styles that maps nine points of view, nine emotional response patterns, and nine sets of behavioral trait-like tendencies. Each style has resourceful self-enhancing features which can become non-resourceful and self defeating if used excessively or exclusively. Balance involves functioning from the resourceful or high side of our core style while having access to the resources of all the styles.

There are nine players on our inner team. One is usually a favorite while the other players have their roles and strategies to contribute towards an effective winning response. We might be uncomfortable with some of our team members and so they get less playing time – though they might have something valuable to contribute once we get to know them.

Each style has a sweet spot, an intuitive perceptual edge with a corresponding behavioral competence that contributes to interpersonal relationships and team performance. For example, Style Two, the Helping Person, can sense other people's needs more readily than other types can. And they exhibit a natural generosity that seeks to be of service. Each style has a blind spot, those parts of the self and world that may not be seen clearly because the interests and concerns of that type point them in other directions. For example Style Two has their antenna out for what is happening in other people and so may overlook their own needs and feelings. Each style has a hot spot, an area of vulnerability that is triggered when what is important to that type gets discounted. Style Two can become hurt and resentful if their gracious deeds are not acknowledged. Each style then deploys defensive strategies to keep us from getting hurt. The Enneagram and WEPSS spell out these areas for all nine styles.

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