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Did You Know?

If you accidentally purchase testcodes with a different email address, you can simply set up an account at wepss.com with that other email, and then reassign your testcodes back to the main account you usually use.

2/13/2020 - System Outage

We experienced an unacceptable level of downtime yesterday, and again this morning, to two issues - one network-centric, the other database-specific.

We have recovered or re-created any lost data that we were able to, and, the system is back online and functioning as expected.

We are working with the hosting provider to determine a process by which we can get better notification, in order to better prepare you for any outages that we're able to.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced - we were caught just as off-guard as you were, and, we're doing our best to make sure the impact is minimized for you.

Coming Soon

New Functionality!

As you're seeing, WEPSS has Mobile-Enabled the website. This incorporates several significant changes that many of you have asked for:

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