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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why is my test code invalid?

  • Why are many of my highest scores almost the same?

  • My second highest score isn't my wing style or either of the styles where I shift under balanced and stressful conditions.

  • All of my scores are low. Hardly any are above 50%.

  • Most of my scores are high. Many are over 90%.

  • What do the percentile scores mean?

  • My highest raw score is not the same as my highest percentile score. Shouldn't the heights of the raw scores be the same as the heights of the percentile scores?

  • I identified with the Resourceful characteristics of most of the styles and not with the Non-resourceful characteristics. Does that mean I'm healthy?

  • I identified with the Non-resourceful characteristics of most of the styles and not with the Resourceful characteristics. Does that mean I'm neurotic?

  • My highest score was Style Six. How do I know if I am a fearful Six or a counter-fearful Six?

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